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EP Release: Cedarsmoke Release ‘Everything Is The Worst’

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It’s a little uncanny how Cedarsmoke have had their new EP, ‘Everything Is The Worst’ (out March 27) in the works for months now and coincidentally, the work as a whole seems to lend a hand – in a dark, comical manner – in depicting the current global situation.

While we’re self-medicating in self-isolation, facing the unprecedented situations across the world, Cedarsmoke are dropping this new EP featuring the unreleased, completely ironic tracks including, ‘Feel Bad Hit Of The Summer’‘The Grim Reaper’s Song’ and ‘Local Anaesthetic’

With parallels to the global situation aside, Cedarsmoke’s new EP should be taken seriously as it explores sensitive topics like the gripping reality of death, scrapping through depression and the monotony of life. In the Cedarsmoke fashion, they manage to lighten the mood and maintain a less-serious vibe with their dark-humoured, cynical lyrics that’s mixed with their melancholic indie/alt-rock style.

The EP opens with the two already released singles. These previous releases have already seen the support from theMusicAU ReviewHysteria Mag, ScenestrAAA Backstage and community radio across Australia.

The bittersweet single, ‘Pure Heroin’, was an ode to Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen with big synths, explosive choruses and upbeat feel that contradicts the sombre message.

The most recent, ‘Keep Passing The Open Windows’ with is nostalgic 90’s alt-rock vibe, is a poetic depiction about contemplating suicide. Paired with grim verses and enlightening, upbeat choruses with “feel-good” melodies, the polarizing messages are what make their messages so powerful.

Creeping in next is ‘The Grim Reaper’s Song’ that slows the pace as Jon Cloumassis feathers out references to historical deaths in his husky tone over the top of the piano, guitar stabs and drums, before getting broken up in an absorbing chorus melody. The melody lines get taken over by the guitar that works in a fitting solo to close the track out.

To ease the pain, ‘Local Anaesthetic’ follows with another bittersweet showcase of their pop-writing sensibilities mixed with their ambivalent outlook on life and love. 

To close out the EP and tie it all together is ‘Feel Bad Hit of the Summer’. This slower, ballad-like track explores the season coated with gloom. With the piano and the despondent lyrics at the forefront, layers of laid-back guitars and keys join in creating a space for sombre introspection that lingers well after the record stops.

Cedarsmoke were launching their EP launch at Brisbane’s The Bearded Lady on the 9th of April, but this has now been postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis.


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