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Pretty Thrills Release First Follow Up Single ‘Sober’ Since Debut (Out Now)

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Pretty Thrills debuted with their fiery single ‘Flames’ towards the end of last year that showcased their pop-rock and heavy direction. Now, the band are releasing their first follow up single since their debut – listen here.

‘Sober’ releases April 17 and is the next taste of what the band have to offer before they drop their debut EP on May 8.  

Opening with spacious, clean guitar tones, the track quickly evolves as the high-powered drums drop in with the soft, breathy vocal deliveries from front-man, Max Donnellan. Synth lines soar in over the top of the pre-chorus before the band breaks out in the overdriven chorus. 

Layers are dropped to provide space in the second verses before being given a dose of electronic beats and synths in the pre-chorus that then erupts in the high-gain riff of the chorus.

In the final minute, a huge overdriven guitar melody is played stacked with electronic tones that build towards a massive close of synchronised hits, double kick drums and assertive lyric deliveries.

These elements all tie into expressing the lyrical meaning of the song – front-man Max Donnellan explains the message behind ‘Sober’

‘Sober’ is a song about the toxic breakdown of a relationship and how sometimes it’s easier to hold onto what was broken instead of letting it go. It’s about two people who shouldn’t be together but love each other and how true feelings come out when they’ve been drinking but in the morning it’s as if it never happened.”

‘Sober’ and the previously released single ‘Flames’ are great examples of the consistent sound and style that Pretty Thrills promise to continue to deliver with this debut EP.

Pretty Thrills had big launch show plans for the EP but due to the COVID-19 crisis, the band will not be performing until later in 2020. 

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