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Pretty Thrills Release Self-Titled Debut EP (EP Out May 22)

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Pretty Thrills, with their fiery, high-powered pop/ hard-rock recently dropped their lead single ‘Sober’ ahead of the release of their debut, self-titled EP (Out Friday, May 22)listen here.

Boasting raw, overdriven riffs stacked with electronic tones, synths, massive drums and vocals that transition from soft verses to belted choruses, this Sydney-based outfit have delivered an exhilarating 5-track debut EP.

The overarching theme of the EP is about being tied down in toxic relationships fueled by drugs and finally breaking free.

Opening the EP is the band’s debut single ‘Flames’ that was released in September last year. Next up is ‘Breaking Even’ –a track that is most akin to pop-rock – that is about resilience and coming out on the other side of a break-up. With an upbeat rock beat; bright, overdriven guitar riffs and piano in the low-dynamic bridge, Pretty Thrills demonstrate their fluid movement between these evolving sections.

Following is ‘Scarlet’, a song close to Donnellan’s chest as it was the first song written for the EP after coming out of the destructive relationship.

‘Scarlet’ storms out of the gate with Donnellan’s commanding vocals accompanied by palm-muted guitars that quickly explode into a chorus loaded with synth lines and sub-drops. From verses to the bridge, to outro, this is one of Pretty Thrills most aggressively dynamic tracks that closes with a hardcore punch.

‘Higher’ followsbefore the EP is closed out by the lead single ‘Sober’.‘Higher’ is about wishing to go back in time to make amends. This slow-burning, progressive track gets more aggressive, finely reaching its peak in the final minute with huge cries from Donnellan, before finally changing key in the outro chorus. 

In Pretty Thrills succinct style, this EP showcases how they seamlessly combine their spacious, passionate sections with explosive riffs, massive drum fills, big sub-drops and melodic synth lines layered over top. The self-titled debut EP is officially out everywhere on Friday, May 22.

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