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Abbey Lane – ‘State Of Mind’

Abbey Lane

State of Mind (Out May 1)

Brimming with irresistible energy, Abbey Lane delivers a powerful dose of indie pop and rock with her new single ‘State of Mind’ out on Wednesday, May 1, ahead of her debut EP
‘Afterthoughts’ slated for release on Wednesday, June 12.   

The Sydney-based indie artist has 12 years of musical experience guiding her, which has led her to collaborate with writers such as Sycco, Yung Bleu and Tenille Arts. Outside of the studio, Abbey Lane has also joined lineups alongside, Diesel, Hollie Col, Little Quirks, Little Green and most recently showcased at Sydney’s SXSW.
With a growing back-catalogue, Abbey Lane has already showcased her innate songwriting ability and pop sensibility. Of late, as she sets the tone of her debut EP, she has been etching her name in the realms of invigorating rock.

Taking on this new journey with multi-ARIA award-winning producer Dave Petrovic, Abbey Lane delivers ‘State Of Mind’, an emancipating track tied together with energetic guitar, soaring synths, rhythmic drums, heartfelt vocals and alluring lyricism. Like the most sincere unbottling of emotions to a close friend, this track is a dreamy, sun-kissed tune with a mosh-pit flair. With its uptempo beat and its emotional core, it manages to capture all the highs and lows of a relationship that has grown distant. 

Through its emotive vocals, ‘State Of Mind’ follows the story of one-sided love and screams out in the pain that comes after the fallout. Abbey Lane says,

“State of Mind is a letter of all the things you never got to say to someone. It’s the story of falling in love with someone, and the pain of falling out of touch with them.”

This truly versatile and nostalgia-inducing song would feel right at home playing from an iPod or playing at a festival, while writing journal entries or while rocking out with friends. 
Cry out and embrace a close friend when Abbey Lane releases ‘State of Mind’ on Wednesday, May 1, and get ready for the release of her debut EP ‘Afterthoughts’ (out Wednesday, June 12).

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