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TRIPSITTA – ‘Velvet Zen’


Velvet Zen (Out October 20)

TRIPSITTA, the Turrbal (Brisbane) boys known for their wild Burning Man-inspired storm, are unleashing a psychedelic mantra in the form of their new single ‘Velvet Zen’ – out Friday, October 20. With values that align with the inclusive spirit of Australian counterculture, they explore relatable themes and seamlessly meld classic psych rock with contemporary indie production and songwriting finesse. 

With a stack of singles under their belt since debuting in 2020, TRIPSITTA has earned their place in the spotlight, sharing stages with the likes of Busby MarouHoodoo GurusThe Super Jesus, and more, as well as performing at a bunch of local festivals. Previous releases have found a place on Triple J and Triple J Unearthed and have received support from outlets like Scenestr and AAA Backstage.

Now, with their new single ‘Velvet Zen’, the band have crafted a slow-burning masterpiece that gracefully builds towards a powerful climax, featuring a wailing guitar solo and monumental drums. Jack Williams‘ vocals are nothing short of commanding, guiding listeners through a musical journey that resonates on a soul-deep level.

Frontman Jack Williams describes ‘Velvet Zen’ as a transcendental journey, a track that encapsulates the profound highs and lows of life’s experiences. In his words, “‘Velvet Zen’ has been in the live set for a while, and had been asked every time where people can we listen to it. Whilst recording at Analog Heart Studios, we wanted to capture those beautiful moments in the song with moving guitar leads and vocal fifth harmonies to guide the listener to each new section.”

The accompanying music video for ‘Velvet Zen’ is a visual symphony depicting a couple’s journey towards finding peace and unity in their own world, becoming one with the universal flow.

In essence, ‘Velvet Zen’ unfurls as a kaleidoscopic whirlwind, where the band ignites with their passionate, laid-back psych rock ambience, featuring commanding vocals, spine-tingling electric guitar, pulsating basslines, and infectious drumming.

Slip into the unconscious state of mind when ‘Velvet Zen’ and its mesmerizing music video are released on Friday, October 20.

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